An Insight From Karri’s Sales: Sam Stelzner

We sat down with one of our sales team, Sam Stelzner, to get an insight into what life at Karri is really like.


Tell us a little bit about the journey of Karri?

Karri set out to solve the problem of schools collecting money from parents for the multitude of school activities. Until Karri came on the scene, most parents were sending their children on a perilous journey to school with envelopes full of cash. Karri has since grown in pursuit of a vision of a completely cashless school. The idea is to prevent staff from worrying about money and give them more time to educate our children.

Being part of such a revolutionary company, what excites you most about the EdTech space?

Tech has the power to democratize education. It includes students and parents that were previously cut off from learning institutions. Students can now learn 24/7 from any device and, in our case, parents can purchase features of the school experience for their children anytime, anywhere.

 What do the sales team hope to achieve in the next 12 months with Karri?

Our aim is to make Karri a household name when it comes to school payments across southern Africa. It is also possible that the future could see Karri being shared across other industries and global markets.

What is the most exciting thing to happen at Karri to date?

There have been many recent triumphs, including a national radio campaign, witnessing a phenomenal term-on-term growth rate. My favourite moments, however, are much closer to home. I’d struggle to choose between the time I overheard two parents rave about Karri while queuing for coffee, telling my dentist that I work with an app for schools and her replying, “are you saying you work with Karri!?” and the expression of delight when I have helped a parent download and activate their first-ever smartphone app.

If you are interested in signing up to Karri or would like to find out more, feel free to contact us today either via our websiteemail or on 021 300 1867.

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