Karri: An Afternoon with Miss Fisher

IMG_2882Walking into Miss Fisher’s classroom at Kirstenhof Primary, we were greeted with a smiling face. It’s a bright and airy room filled with colourful displays and inspiring quotes. Miss Fisher welcomes us in and we sit down at the table at the front.

She sets the scene of a normal morning in her grade 6 classroom: “My Grade 6 class of 28 students arrive. I have approximately 10 minutes to sign diaries, collect parent letters, check absentees and make sure my children are happy and ready for their day of learning.” Miss Fisher looks at us wide-eyed, “It’s a challenging start to the morning for sure! Now, add on top of this, children flinging envelopes filled with cash at me for Picture Days and Fun Runs. She picks up a small yellow book and opens it, pointing delicately at the page: “It’s my responsibility to keep track of who has paid and the amount which is paid. Every single morning.”

Miss Fisher goes on to tell us “The most stressful part of all of this is that I am in charge of the cash until it gets to the bursar. I’ve had issues in the past where money has gone missing from my desk. Not to mention when kids need change for a R20 note and have to come and find me later in the day.”

She then takes a breath and endearingly looks at us. “Karri has managed to make this whole endeavour less hectic. For example, Grade 6 camp this year; only 5 out of my 28 students gave me cash. Which means the majority paid via Karri. It was a stress-free experience. I was able to log on to Karri, check which of my students had paid and follow up accordingly.”

We asked Miss Fisher why she thinks some of the parents at Kirstenhof Primary School are not using Karri. “I think a lot of the parents may fear what they don’t understand, Karri possibly being one of these things. However, this app not only makes their life easier but also mine! It is my dream to have my whole class on Karri. The parents of my students who are using Karri, love it, especially those who have busy work schedules. It’s a solution that works both ways.”

Are you a teacher who uses Karri? We’d love to hear about your experience using our app. Contact us directly at support@karri.co.za or 021 300 1867


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