NEW FEATURE: Buy More Button

Here at Karri Payments, we like to think of ourselves as ever-evolving. Our customers speak and we listen.

We’ve now incorporated a Buy More button into our app. If a user needs an extra raffle ticket or another concert ticket then they can simply press the Buy More button. Nifty right?

This is how you can allow your parents to “Buy More” on Karri:

Screen Shot 2018-07-17 at 11.37.25.png
Create a collection on Karri by clicking on Collections on the lefthand side of the dash and then simply press + New collection. Next, fill in your event details. On the 4th box labelled What do you want the Parent to pay? Be sure to tick the box which states Allow multiple payments per Student as shown above.  You can then create your collection.



Once your collection has been released, parents will receive a notification and will be able to pay it as usual. Now, let’s say Lilly’s parents decide to buy 2 concert tickets, but then, later on, they find out that Lilly’s grandparents also want to come to the concert. Well, they can now simply select the Buy More button and purchase their additional tickets. Isn’t this nifty?





Parents will then easily be able to view how many tickets they’ve bought and if they really want, they can buy more again!


You know what else we love about this feature? It allows parents to make payment instalments for collections. For example. Hockey tour is coming up. Parents need to pay R1,500. You can create a variable amount event and parents can pay their amount of choice towards the Hockey Tour. Now, they’ll be able to pay in instalments of their choice, for example, one payment of R500, and another one of R1000.

Don’t worry, this is all recorded accurately for you on the dashboard, so you can easily keep track of all these payments.

Not quite grasping these new features? Don’t fear, our friendly team are here and waiting to help you out. Simply call us on 021 300 1867 or contact us via


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