Karri Cares about getting your kids into nature


This term our Karri Cares campaign has joined forces with BirdLife South Africa in a bid to help raise awareness for 2019’s bird of the year, the Secretarybird.

We’re bringing an exciting bird book to your schools, which will help your children identify every single bird in South Africa. Easily!

Support a brilliant cause AND get your kids out into nature with Faansie Peacock’s bird book!

How it works:

With every sale of Faansie Peacock’s bird book, we’ll be donating 20% back to BirdLife South Africa so they can pursue their research on the Secretarybird. These books sell for just R420 per copy including postage!
This awesome Karri Cares initiative allows children to expand their knowledge on birds in South Africa whilst supporting a great cause.

Check out this wonderful bird book here:

How do I get my school involved?

Getting involved is simple, all you have to do is head over to your Karri Dashboard and add the collection for Faansie Peacock’s bird book! It really is THAT simple!

Don’t think the bird books are for you? Why not choose the collection on the right and set up an open donation collection to help us raise funds for the Secretarybird!


Go to your dashboard and create a collection.


If your school sells the most books, we’ll be sending Faansie Peacock himself to your school to do a talk on Birds of South Africa!

Want to find out more about Faansie and his bird book? Head over to his website.

Want to find out more about our KarriCares initiatives? You can call one of our support team on 021 300 1867.



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