Creating New Features: Our in-house process

Ever wondered what happens after you request a new feature on Karri? Creating new features on the app is an intricate process, from planning meetings, in-house testing to deadline tight schedules, designing, coding, more planning, more testing and even more deadlines! We thought we'd share a little insight into our creative process: Are you waiting... Continue Reading →

NEW FEATURE: Compulsory Collections

We LOVE bringing new features to Karri, especially features that you have requested. One of your recent requests was the option for collections to be compulsory. What this means is parents will no longer be able to dismiss the collection. With the introduction of the extension date feature, parents will still have an opportunity to... Continue Reading →

NEW FEATURE: Partial Payments

Here at Karri, we’re all about adding new features that enhance and improve your experience. We’re pleased to reveal our new Partial Payments option. This is something many of our schools have been requesting, we value your feedback, and this is one of the ways we show it. Partial Payments & the uses: Enabling partial payments... Continue Reading →

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